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What shoes should I use?

Your regular winter boots or snowboard boots. You don’t need any special shoes 🙂


What size should I use?

One size fits all. Shoe size range: 6-12 US or 35-46 EU


How do I stop?

You can stop the same way that you stop with skis or skates. Additionally you can also slow down with your heels. However, beware it is more difficult to stop with Snowfeet than it is with skis or skates, so we don’t recommend using Snowfeet on steep slopes.


Is it hard to learn?

Well, it is as hard as learning to ski. So it takes some time and you will definitely fall sometimes, but that’s the part of the fun 🙂


How much is shipping?

20 euro per person


Do Snowfeet work on powder?

No, you can use Snowfeet on a hard packed surface, for example ski slopes, off the slope paths or snow that is not deeper than 20 cm. A deeper layer of snow would stop you.


Where can I buy Snowfeet?

The only place on Earth where you van buy Snowfeet is this website 🙂

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

We give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, because we believe in our product. Beware that the product has to be unused and in an original state. If you already used Snowfeet and you are unsatisfied and want to return it, let us know, we can talk about it and offer you a partial refund 🙂


Do we have a permission to use your content?

Sure, you have our permission to use all of our content to create articles or videos about Snowfeet. Just please, make sure you add a link to our website, so that your audience can learn more about Snowfeet and possible buy them if they want 🙂

Seller or Distributor

Can I sell or distribute Snowfeet?

Sure, you can become Snowfeet seller or distributor. Just send us an email and let us know how many pairs you are interested in and we will give you all the additional information.

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