Liquid Wax | Toko Express Mini 75 ML


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Universal liquid wax for all types of snow and temperatures.


– Based on natural raw materials
– Biodegradable
– Improves sliding properties and cares for the base
– Quick and easy to apply
– With sponge applicator
– Comfortable pocket size to go and wax en route
– Also used as rust protection for ski edges

Snow 0 °C to -30 °C 32 °F to -22 °F

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What shoes should I use?

Use any winter shoes or snowboard boots with bindings. We recommend waterproof shoes with ankle support for protection.


What size should I use?

One size fits all, so don’t worry. Although we don’t recommend Snowfeet for shoes smaller than 5 US / 37 EU, and larger than 13 US / 47 EU.


How do I stop?

You can stop the same way that you stop with skis or skates. Additionally you can also slow down with your heels. (However, beware it is more difficult to stop with Snowfeet than it is with skis or skates, so we don’t recommend using Snowfeet on steep slopes.)


Is it hard to learn?

It is as hard as learning to ski. So it takes some time and you will definitely fall now and then, but that’s the part of the fun 🙂


How much is shipping?

That depends on the country you are from.  Usually about $14 – $59 USD.


Do Snowfeet work on powder?

You can use Snowfeet on snow that is not deeper than +/- 20 cm. Snowfeet is best on ski slopes, snow parks, forest paths and off the slopes too, just not in deep powder. By the way, most skis and snowboards are not suited for deep powder either.


Where can I buy Snowfeet?

The only place on Earth where you can buy Snowfeet is this website 🙂 

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

We give you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, because we believe in our product. Beware that the product has to be unused and in an original state. If you already used Snowfeet and you are unsatisfied and want to return it, let us know, we can talk about it and offer you a partial refund 🙂


Do we have a permission to use your content?

Sure, you have our permission to use all of our content to create articles or videos about Snowfeet. Please just make sure you add a link to our website, so that your audience can learn more about Snowfeet and possible buy them if they want 🙂

Seller or Distributor

Can I sell or distribute Snowfeet?

Sure, you can become Snowfeet reseller or distributor. Just place an order and we will give you all the additional information.

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