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Snowskates – Mini skis – Previous version (2 pairs)

$258.00 $249.00

Previous version
This is a previous version (formerly called Snowfeet), without metal ski edges on the base. Some ski resorts do not allow skiers to use this model on their slopes, because of the absence of ski edges.

+ one size fits all
+ shoe size range: 6-12 US or 38-46 EU

+ Use winter shoes or snowboard boots. Snowboard boots should be a smaller size than 8 US/41 EU, otherwise, they are too large for bindings. We recommend waterproof shoes with ankle support for protection.
+ You don’t need any special ski boots.

+ Highly durable plastic material.

+ Snowskates are short skis that you can attach to your shoes with straps.
+ Also known as Kluski.
+ Lenght = 40 cm.
+ Combination of skiing and skating.
+ Use regular winter shoes or snowboard boots.
+ Light and easy to carry around. Weight = 2 kg.
+ No need for any additional equipment.

Stay safe
+ Any person using this product is personally responsible for learning a safe way to ski, assumes all risks and accepts complete responsibility for any and all damages and injuries of any kind, which may result from the use of this product.
+ Beware it is more difficult to turn or stop with skis or skates mini skis than it is with skis, so be safe on slopes 🙂

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